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Product Spotlight - PCR Direct Amplification

Direct™ Indicating Specimen CardsDirect™ Specimen Cards









Fitzco DIRECT™ Cards

DNA Collection, Storage & Amplification

No Prep for Blood or Buccal!! - Just punch and put into the mastermix! Processing made simple....No Prep!!


  • Lyse cells with the Fitzco GentleLysis™
  • Ambient Storage
  • Easy Processing - Reduced reations or Full
  • Small sample needed. Only 0.5mm to 0.7mm for Blood, 1.0mm - 1.2mm for buccal
  • Lower Cycle times

DIRECTi™ Indicating is available in Zone™ Indicating

  • Zone™ Color Change
  • Easy sample identification


Card Sizes: (4 Circle) Classic - (2 Circle )Mini, TWYN™ & Gene II™(2) - (1 circle) Micro, AREZE™ & UNO™

Product information and the list of Validated Amplification Kits

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Ensemble Collection System™ - ECS™LineFP705™ Specimen Grade PaperLine705™ Specimen CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA CardsLinePRO™ Protein/DNA/RNA  CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA Cards


Fitzco News


2013 Product Releases:

Coatings for DNA & Protein Cards

  • 705i™ Indicating Card
  • Direct™ Amplification Card
  • Directi™ Indicating Card

New Card Formats

  • UNO™ Single Circle 75ul
  • AREZE™ Automation Card
  • Gene II™ Automation Card

DNA / Protein Processing

  • Fitzco Punch™
  • FitzCore™

New Development / R&D

  • Pioneer in the invention, development and commercialization of specimen products for Bioscience, Forensic, Identification technologies, solutions and products.



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Premier Front End Applications for Bioscience, Forensic and Identification


Welcome to our Website.

  • - Applications for Life Sciences(Bimolecular, Protein, DNA, Clinical, Medical, Diagnostic, etc), Laboratory, Forensic & Crime Scene/Evidence.

  • - DNA FITZCO® Cards, MultiBarrier Pouch (1991), The DNA Card (1991), "Classic" Card (1991) FTA®*(1993), DRYPAK®(1994), Omni Swabs**(1995), C.E.P.® Swabs(1995) Sampact®(2003), SpinEze® Pushoff™ Swab(2003), SpinEze® Baskets (2004), FP705 Specimen Paper(2005), Re-introduction of CEP® Swab(2007), Ensemble™, PRO™, PROi™, 705™ & 705i™(2010), Zone™ Indicating Cards, PROPRIME™, PROPRIMEi™, DRI™ Cards, BIO™ DBS/DSS Cards (2011), ECS pH Indicating™, FitzTE™, DIRECT™(2012), DIRECTi, PRESERVE, PRESERVEi (2013)

  • - Developing and supplying specimen collection, transport and storage products, packaging solutions and customized specimen collection

  • - Since 1991, Fitzco has developed and manufactured millions of DNA kits and products for use in the data basing, identification, forensic and medical fields.

  • - Fitzco is the only Manufacturer of Forensic & DNA Collection kits and products that is ISO 9001:2008 Certified, cGMP Compliant, with a Clean Room of 10,000/100,000. Our quality standards are unparalleled.

  • - At Fitzco we take great pride in offering high quality products, competitive prices. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you develop a packaging system that is right for you.



Ensemble Collection System™ - ECS™LineFP705™ Specimen Grade PaperLine705™ Specimen CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA CardsLinePRO™ Protein/DNA/RNA  CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA Cards

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